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Welcome to PolygloTees!

Updated: Oct 14

Join a movement that aims to use apparel as a way to build human connections

My name is Ruben Hillar and I am the founder, CEO and Chief Polyglot of PolygloTees. The company is built on the foundations of a few things I am passionate about:

1- Languages: I love languages and I wish I could speak all of them. I find languages and their history, evolution and use fascinating and from a very young age I tried to learn as many languages as possible.

2- Human connections: throughout my professional career, I prided myself on being a connecting node in a vast network of professional relationships. I now always had the answer to the question that was posed to me but I knew who could have it (or I could find out) and then facilitate the connection. Even now, when I a retired from my corporate job, there are still people reaching out to me to help them make useful connections with my network.

3- Chance encounters: I firmly believe that as people we do not leave enough space for chance in our lives. Everything is so meticulously planned and calendared that we have no time to enjoy surprises.

In addition to these things, something had been bothering for a while. When I started traveling internationally extensively, I wanted to create a collection of T-shirts from each country I visited with an inscription in their local language. I could not. It was almost impossible to find t-shirts in any language other than English, which I thought was rather strange. So when I decided to create PolygloTees, I made sure that our products take care of that problem providing inscriptions in as many different languages as possible.

Embarking on a mission

With these four things in mind, I set out to start a social experiment/movement with PolygloTees, hoping that through our apparel people will find opportunities for chance encounters with people that share the love of a language or something else. The idea is not to disrupt people's days, with two hour long conversations. The goal is to allow people to have a 5 minute initial exchange with someone they would have never spoken to where it not for what they discover they shared through our products.

Please, join our movement

PolygloTees is much more than an apparel company. It is a global movement aimed at providing people additional tools, in the shape of apparel, that they can use to create human connections.

Please, leave us your comment, visit our website, and join our crusade!

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