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What is a tribe?

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Join PolygloTees and find people that belong to your tribe

We all belong to some tribe. Be it because we like a language or we enjoy a specific sport, we are part of a group of people that are excited about something in particular. With PolygloTees you can both broadcast your preferences and find people in your community that shared the same passion.

Why Tribe?

We have chosen the word "tribe" not because of its anthropological meaning. We have selected tribe as the way of identifying those groups of people that share something they are passionate about. For some people this passion may be a sport, maybe one that is not very popular or one that is not known to a lot of people (for example, lacrosse or bridge). For others it can be a widely popular sport, which name is not the same across the world, like football/soccer. Still others may feel passionate about their dietary choices, and want to make sure people know that they are vegan or vegetarian. Your passion can also be about lifestyle, entertainment, or sexual or romantic preferences. Yet others can identify with a sorority or fraternity they were a part of during their college years.

PolygloTees started, as indicated by its name, focusing mainly on different languages but quickly evolved to tribes as people started asking for ways of using our apparel to identify other members in the community that could share their passion. The idea was to build community around common themes, and let the apparel be the instrument of discovery.

We thought that idea was great and created the "tribes" category. This category is very fluid and continually evolving as it is mainly based on what our customers ask us they would want to see reflected. The only exception is politics and religion, simply because we believe that both of those topics invite division more than communion.

PolygloTees defines all of these groups

Add a Closing Message

What is your tribe? Do we have it reflected on our tribe collection? Let us know if there are tribes you would like to see represented that have not yet made it to PolygloTees.

Please, leave a comment and visit our website.

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